Thursday, 27 November 2008

Monie Monie, Monie Monie!!

London born , Monie Love now resides in the US, unfortunately for us. Its a shame sister! The early 90s was a good time for female rappers. Leading the way were Salt N Pepa pushin their rhymes over the airwaves and dominating the charts. Monie love came along with her cockney-ish style but didnt reach the same heights. Still, she left us with some decent tunage and so i bring to you 2 nuggets from my vault. Ah the good ol'days!

Monie Love - Its A Shame (My Sister) - Red Zone Remix

Monie Love - Never Give Up - Fire Island Remix

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Turn Around, Bend Over, Close Your Eyes, Keep Quiet Now......

Here cometh some new shit! Echoing from the Chicago town of Illinois. He Say, She Say' are sending us good n dirty vibes that come crashing through our speakerboxes courtesy of Myspace. The anthem that is 'Crash Dummie' spits out at you like a very angry Llama and hits you right in the face. A synth hook that you wont let you go, rides over the Million $ Mano beats while Dreas' vocal drips over you like a tank full of honey. Have i used enough alternative metaphors? Hmmm.... its so good i asked them when and if they were gonna come to London...
No plans yet , but we'd would love to '.....came the digital response. Lets hope they do make it over here.... Giving Pop a run for its money. 'He Say, She Say are exciting and electric.' And they sound nothing like Daft Punk. Mr Kanye west seems to have been so influenced by Daft Punk that he decided to totally rip them off but has come off sounding more like Cher with his tired use of the Speakerbox on his new album. Beware of False Idols!!!

He Say, She Say - Crash Dummies

Friday, 21 November 2008

Night Burn

'Night Burner' was his name, cycling and spokey dokeys were our game. Our aim, to rule the world. I left you at the swimming pool, without a care. I came back to find you werent there. I miss you.

Late in the night, ive been know to liek a good ol' Pie N Mash up. Here's my latest dollop!!

Rokk presents Janet Jackson - The Rock Principle (Rokk Pie N Mash Up)

Ms Janets 'Rock Witchu' under 'Pleasure Principle'..... i like!

love rokk

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dirty Son Of A Gun!!!

its been flippin ages since i last done one of these and it was only my recent pang of guilt that forced me to do another post on here, lethargic has become my middle name. So, im here to challenge myself...and give you some delights that have been spinning around speakers the past few months.....

First up... 2 In A Room - Somebody In The House say yeah' (YSI) A frantic, cut, copy and paste style of house with too many samples to mention. House in its early form and 'Oh so fine' to move to. Otherwise 2 In A Room were more succeful with there chart topper 'Wiggle It' . I do own a
7 " copy of it but its at my mums in Nottingham.

Described as Thug House' 'Dances With White Girls' from Brooklyn with his 'Girls Bug' (YSI) out now on Throne Of Blood Records is really getting me worked up. Its got this groove that holds makes me wanna Lick It Up....i mean, its jus too frikkin good.
Chek it!

'Royal Orchestra - Git Da Partee Goin'
is another fine slice of 1990 house. Available on import at the time on Fourth Floor Records. This stuff makes me go all funny. In the same sample heavy
style as '2 In A Room" and 'Royal House' this takes the famous Technotronic 'Pump Up The Jam' as its intro....following with a firm house rhythm that satisfies all that come into contact with it.
Its perfect for that early morning Night Bus journey home. ...

I have actually been quite busy (i tell myself) setting up our NYE Super Hero Party called
'SAVE THE WORLD'. Myself, Jamie D Winter, Heartbreak (LIVE) are comfirmed along with
ISA GT (Girlcore) and Le Greve General , all local produce there from the plentiful east end of london. I'll post the flyer when its done. I cant wait. A full on Super Hero theme party with Kryptonite Dancefloor, complete with Lasers and loads dry ice for that Flying feeling....You'll be able to get tickets at Bar Music Hall on Curtain Road from Dec 1st. It'll be Super!!!!

Back to the music and its time for some dreamy early US house in the shape of a Freddie Mercury sample from 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Theme For Great Cities' producing the
ethereal 'Corporation Of One - The Real Life'. Released in 1988 to undergrounds dirtier dance floors only to be remixed by Dave Lee and Re-released in 2001. The original is still a Joy!!

Im gonna be djin at Popstars this Friday followed by my night WORD at Bar Music Hall with resident original house spinners Jamie D Winter and Prince Nelly. ... followed by a photo shoot on Sunday for Bella Freud. All that and fine tuning the details for NYE should see me right for tings to do. Id rather much go out with the Boys!

last and definately superior in my opinion to all the above. I send this crashing into my concrete
heart and soul, breaking me in pieces with its Crisp Beats that crumble all over the dancefloor and bounce theyre THAT HOT! Its the Diplo Remix of 'Young Mc's - Bust A Move'.
Im loving Diplo for this mix even though im 'ever so more than' a Tad bored of the sound-a-likes in his field. This though Kills it... retaining the original and not fucking it up. Stripping it back , updating the beats for freshness, highlighting the Geeetars and adding some girly sweetness to the Diana Ross sample. A massive fan of the original i give this the HOTTEST ROKK this month.
Try stand still while playing this. I cant!

My fingers are busting. You know trying to write a letter these days is hard work. You ever tried writing a letter recently. Im so used to typing, that my flow while writing with a pen aint what it used to be. oh lordy, it looks like i'll be needing some Fish Oil supplements. Gulp!

Till its time to Rokk again... Get busy!