Thursday, 19 March 2009

Staying Up All Night !!!

Layback, Ladies and Gentlemen.... Grace is here. Grace will warm you, warn you and conform you. Be open and be ready. Be prepared to lose what control you ever had, anticipate your fate.
Gone to Grace.

Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Greg Wilson Version)

Friday, 6 March 2009

Daddy Loves Acid

Presents .. Bags Of Acid

Flicking through my record collection in the basement of my mate's house, im stepping back in time. Each record presents a memory, a smile, a drunken moment, a particulary debauched party and almost always a tear. Realising that i have little space to put any of my records, ive decided to transfer all to a Digital vault, im gonna sell them once digitised but keep some of the sleeves.

All this tripping down memorys lane inspired me to create a mix. Reaching through the past i decided to compile some of my favourite Hip House, Acid and original House tracks. From Wee Papa Girl Rappers to Monie Love and back to S'express. Over 2 days i chose tracks and came up with 'Bags Of Acid'. A compilation of some of the choons in my personal Boombox. ha...

So, here it is ... Bags Of Acid. Download via Zshare here with Tracklisting below. Rokk out!!! ")

Monie Love - Its A Shame My Sister
Twin Hype - For Those Who LIke To Groove
Clubland Feat King P - Lets Get Busy (Snap remix)
Bam Bam - Give It To Me
Brooklyn Jam - Runaway (LSB Remix)
Mark Imperial - The Acid That Ate New York
Beats Workin - Burn Out ' Dont Fade away
HitHouse - Everybody Gotta Get Some
MC Feat Daisy Bee - Crazy
Bassline Boys - On Se Calme (Scandale Mix)
La Tour - People Are Still Having Sex
The Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Heat It Up (Acid House Mix)
Bomb The Bass feat Lorraine - Dont Make Me Wait (Maximum Frequency Mix)
S'Express - Hey Music Lover ( Miller Mash Glass Smash)



The Joiners Arms on Hackney Road has always felt wrong so why does it feel 'so right?
I-d recently tokened it the 'Studio 54' of London. High praise indeed, hmmm? Thanks I-d you may have jus killed it. Its popularity as a late night drinking den has increased over the past few months. No longer can you get in on a Friday and Saturday night with ease of a slippery east end eel. Instead we form a queue and wait 20mins to get in. I mean its always been a busy place but WHOA NELLY..... Rumours of the establishment now wanting to charge £5 on the door are a sure fire reason, that its days are numbered. The Joiners has always had a reputation for the cheese and sleaze. One of the few homo haunts open till 2am and on a sunday evening its a fine place to bring in the new week. Enjoy it while it lasts, its like the Last Days Of Disco.....