Thursday, 31 July 2008


Its bout time that we had a look back at the music that started what know today as House music.... so many different side lines have been created since its formation in the late 80's.
In honour of all things House, whether it be Acid or Hip or the Original sounds we're putting on a night at the Old Bar Music Hall on the last thursday of each month. For all you old enough to remember it the first time around and also to those of you not so familiar, com .... and let the music use you.... Jamie D'Winter, Prince Nelly and I have created BUMMPS.

Let It Roll!!!!

Fast Eddie - Can You Dance?

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tell me bout love

In 1993 i was still living in Nottingham and djing at The Garage, Nero's and a monthly night called Tutti Frutti. None of you will have heard of them unless you lived in Notts but this was when i used to play mostly House. The house music doin the rounds then was 'Proper' it had balls and was FFFFFfresh. David Morales' the gayest looking straight guy on the block was producing as 'The Bad Yard Club' and made the album 'The Program' (The DEF mix of the title track i posted earlier) featured on the album was the ragga pop track 'Gimme Love' the best mix above all being the monster 'Jackie 60 Experience Mix' ... 'feat Donna Giles, the intro is enough to kill me..... It reminds me of going to The Yard in Mansfield, Deluxe in Nottingham and 'Progress' in Derby. This was when Alistair Whitehead and Jeremy Healy were regulars on the scene.

Speaking of Jeremy Healy he's just got engaged to Patsy Kensit, for the second time. A couple of weeks ago i filmed the Trailer Trash Summer Party in the east end of london. A Rave Tent featuring Tomboy, Brodinski, Hannah Holland, Mikki Most, Jonjo and Ian Robinson. Alongside a Disco Tent featuring the Horsemeat Disco crew and Disco Bloodbath. It was A-mazing. I ended up staying in the Disco tent until the end and it was at 6am that Dan Beaumont of Disco Bloodbath played this next track. Originally produced by The Pet Shop Boys , Eighth Wonders 'Im Not Scared' dodgy vocals from Patsy Kensit but the ultimate guilty pleasure. Drag queens lip syncing, Drag queens on the speaker boxes what a way to end the party, genius!

Eighth Wonder - Im Not Scared (Razormaid Mix)

David Morales 'Gimme Love' (Eenie Meenie Miny Mo) - The Jackie 60 Experience Mix

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hit House Attack!!!

I'd been tryin to get Robyn a dj gig at london homo hotspot 'Popstars' for ages but we could never match it with her touring schedule so we tried and tried and eventually locked down a date which was last friday and rokked up! I'd not met Robyn since i interviewed her for F@&K magazine in 2006 so we went for dinner in soho accompanied by her dj mate louise, for a catch up over some tasty Thai. We drank way too much white wine which always sends me loopy lou and made it to the venue intact about 3 hours later. We set up in the dressing room where she played some of her hot tracks, each taking it in turns to listen on the of which was 'HIT HOUSE' a guy from Belgium who i remember from the late 80's whos track' Jack To The Sound Of The Underground' id recently been rinsing to death in the clubs as if it were made yesterday. Robyn not only had this track but the whole album, amazing! Ive been on a mission to find it since and guess what, i got it! I couldnt believe she knew of him too, i was astounded.

After this revelation we made our way through the crowds to the sweaty hotbox that was the Pop room at Popstars and headed straight to the Dj booth. Full of sweaty pop lovers with their cameras out ready for Robyn to take control of the decks. Robyn got her Camcorder out as i grabbed the Mic and introduced her to the crowd... 'HIT IT' i screamed.... she dropped 'Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams' , nuff said.

That night Robyn reminded me of so much music that id forgotten about. Tapping into someone who has a similar infatuation with a similar style/era of music as myself, is a fucking joy! Its a connection that i cherish! So in that same vain, im gonna share a few of the tracks that she inspired me to dig out of my collection.

here goes....

Inner City - Aint Nobody Better

Hithouse - I Felt Acid House Love

David Morales - The Program (Def Mix)

Jungle Brothers - I'll House You

With the above in mind im starting a new night of Hip House, Hit House, Acid and all that early 90s late 80s housey vibe at the Old Bar Music Hall on July 31st called 'BUMMPS'.
Its gonna be a once a month party, so if thats yo thing come and join. We'll have Big FUN!!!

Rokk out!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Numero Uno

After much persuasion ive entered into the world of Blog. Its been a manic weekend which began with the Trailertrash Summer Party with Brodinski, Hannah Holland et al in the Rave tent and Horsemeat Disco and Disco Bloodbath on saturday night. I filmed the whole event, say Whole loosely coz things got a little messy towards the end and i ended up freaking out to the disco choons supplied by the loverly Dan Beaumont in the Disco tent. Such fine selections included 'Strings of life, Whitney Houstons' Love Will Save The Day... the closing track being Eighth Wonder/Patsy Kensit 'im not scared' from 1988 a guilty pleasure of the highest degree. The crowd begging for one more were left with this imprinted on their messy minds. Im still getting chills listening to it now.

I recently bootlegged 'love will save the day' with Hercules & Love affairs 'Blind' posted for you here, so enjoy ....

The Whitney Affair - Love Will Save The Blind (Rokk Pie N Mash Up)

This week will see me and Robyn djing at Londons Popstars night in the west end of London
so come down and give the Konitchiwa Bitch all your support!

ive posted my last mix for Boombox called 'Rokk The Boxx' too
for all you retro Boomboxers!!! Richard never released it as he said he would so , stick it in yer ipod and think back to a time that once was.

www. contacted me earlier this year and asked me to make a video for Electroferris and his track 'Day Off'
The result being a typical Rokk Video a spliced up disco fantasy for a new generation
enjoy it here
Theyve since asked someone else to do the video but arguably mine is far superior..haha.

anyways, that was my first blog.... mayb my last, who knows.. until next time!
Rokk Out!!!!