Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Numero Uno

After much persuasion ive entered into the world of Blog. Its been a manic weekend which began with the Trailertrash Summer Party with Brodinski, Hannah Holland et al in the Rave tent and Horsemeat Disco and Disco Bloodbath on saturday night. I filmed the whole event, say Whole loosely coz things got a little messy towards the end and i ended up freaking out to the disco choons supplied by the loverly Dan Beaumont in the Disco tent. Such fine selections included 'Strings of life, Whitney Houstons' Love Will Save The Day... the closing track being Eighth Wonder/Patsy Kensit 'im not scared' from 1988 a guilty pleasure of the highest degree. The crowd begging for one more were left with this imprinted on their messy minds. Im still getting chills listening to it now.

I recently bootlegged 'love will save the day' with Hercules & Love affairs 'Blind' posted for you here, so enjoy ....

The Whitney Affair - Love Will Save The Blind (Rokk Pie N Mash Up)

This week will see me and Robyn djing at Londons Popstars night in the west end of London
so come down and give the Konitchiwa Bitch all your support!

ive posted my last mix for Boombox called 'Rokk The Boxx' too
for all you retro Boomboxers!!! Richard never released it as he said he would so , stick it in yer ipod and think back to a time that once was.

www. Freakz-me-out.de contacted me earlier this year and asked me to make a video for Electroferris and his track 'Day Off' http://www.myspace.com/electroferris
The result being a typical Rokk Video a spliced up disco fantasy for a new generation
enjoy it here
Theyve since asked someone else to do the video but arguably mine is far superior..haha.

anyways, that was my first blog.... mayb my last, who knows.. until next time!
Rokk Out!!!!

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MARK said...

yaya welcome bro to blog world

oo arr!