Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Man

So, London grinds to a halt under 25cm of Snow... Trains are cancelled and Buses skid off the roads. The phone lines were jammed this morning due to the amount of joyous employees informing their employers, that they were NOT going be into work today. Some finding that their Employers hadnt even made it in to recieve the calls.
Philip Schofield was absent from 'This Morning' leaving Fern to run the show and make Tea for Lily Allen who had been drafted in from GMTV because their guests hadnt turned up. Lily then managed to drivel on about her new single with a painstaking ease. Zoneing out i contemplated taking out Basil (the Irish terrier i live with) for a walk on the Common.
Here's what happened.

BASIL 'A Rokk Film'


rokk love