Monday, 15 February 2010

Rokk on the Downlow.....Radio-o-o-o

Dudes, check out this buzz from The Downlow Radio!!!

For those seeking an uninterrupted online streaming musical paradise, The Downlow Radio is serving up a special selection of love-themed shows by an array of best DJs from the global homo-soul-funk underground to get your juices flowing in time for Valentine’s Day.

From Monday 8 Feb, the station airs its exclusive Valentine’s selection by guest DJs London’s Horsemeat Disco, Shnezzy (2 Block Radius), Rokk (Boombox, Body Talk) San Francisco’s Tee Cardaci (Deep & Dusted), Madrid/London’s Nacho Martin and Luke Howard alongside a team of resident DJs playing top quality underground, rare and classic soul, funk, disco, rare groove, gospel, jazz, house, reggae and acid house 24/7.

As part of the Valentine’s special, we are also giving away a free mp3 track – the soon-to-be released Human Future (Sanguine Recordings) by San Francisco electronic music scene fixture, DJ Jason Mouse. Click here* to collect your free mp3 download.

Built on the musical foundations of the vintage black US soul and disco once played in gay venues across America, The Downlow Radio offers up fresh, weekly shows presenting a musical alternative to the standard gay routine of tired, commercial trash-pop. Launched online in June last year, the no-talking site has quickly gathered an impressive listener base and is currently celebrating 38,000 show listens.

The Downlow Radio regularly serves up shows from the vinyl treasure chests of a worldwide network of DJs, including sound system and nightclub residents from London, New York, San Francisco, Rome and Los Angeles.