Friday, 6 March 2009


The Joiners Arms on Hackney Road has always felt wrong so why does it feel 'so right?
I-d recently tokened it the 'Studio 54' of London. High praise indeed, hmmm? Thanks I-d you may have jus killed it. Its popularity as a late night drinking den has increased over the past few months. No longer can you get in on a Friday and Saturday night with ease of a slippery east end eel. Instead we form a queue and wait 20mins to get in. I mean its always been a busy place but WHOA NELLY..... Rumours of the establishment now wanting to charge £5 on the door are a sure fire reason, that its days are numbered. The Joiners has always had a reputation for the cheese and sleaze. One of the few homo haunts open till 2am and on a sunday evening its a fine place to bring in the new week. Enjoy it while it lasts, its like the Last Days Of Disco.....

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P.C. WILLIAMS said...

£5 to get into the joiners!!!! WHAT???? d.e.a.d.