Sunday, 18 January 2009

Night Bus

It was on the Night Bus back home to Streatham that this particular bootleg came to life. I was listening to Modeselektors 'The Dark Side Of the Sun' on my pod at the back of the bus when 2 girls sat but 2 seats away from me. Lashed from the nights excess they proceeded to sing Beyonces 'Single Ladies' nearly all the way home, quite well i might add. Complete with dance moves while sat down, it was a sight that made me smile from ear to ear and is part of those special moments you get on the night bus. One of the better experiences ive had at least.
Drunk students, 'Out of their tiny mind' clubbers, still gurning from the club and homeless guys cadging a lift, to anywhere (Who can blame them?) are the usual sights.

It was around 4am that i got on the bus. 30 minutes had passed and i was in Brixton wishing that the bus could go into Super Speed, jus so as i could get me home that little bit quicker. To be tucked up in bed woulda been nice too but that wasnt gonna happen.

The girls kept on singing and shuffling in their seats, as the track i was listening to kept in a loose rhythm as the girls sang. It was like they were singing along to the track on my phones. Ping! went my over tired brain. I got home 15 mins later and started work on trying to produce the bootleg i had heard earlier. I got the Beyonce accapella and fiddled some knobs.

Et voila! The Dark Side Of Single Ladies' was born......

Beyonce Vs Modeselektor 'The Dark Side Of Single Ladies' (Rokk Fukk Up)

2 days later, i made this vid

The Dark Side Of Single Ladies - Beyonce Vs Modeselektor

Oh and Happy New Year!!
My resolution is to have more FUN.
love rokk

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