Tuesday, 9 June 2009

2010 @ Dalston Superstore

well, its nearly time for the launch of 2010 my new night at the Dalston Superstore.
Already the Superstore is creating a freshness to a somewhat tired east end scene and
its not hard to see why. Packed every night with the most eclectic of club nights this place
is fast becoming the home to many bewildered with the down turn on Shoreditch.

Celebrating black dance music from the late 80s and early 90s , 2010 is going back to the original days of house and revisiting some lost classics. Our Grace Jones themed night will
be higlighted with the wonderful Sam Amant doing her turn on some Grace classics accompanied by some shit hot tracks of her own. The Discotastic sounds of Jim Stanton,
scene legend Jeffrey Hinton and Five Stars 'Stedman Pearson will provide audio stimulation
alongside and introducing Marky Mark and Ms. P. And me of course.

We'll be playing Grace Jones tracks, visuals and i've created some fresh Grace inspired photography that will be adorning the walls on the night. All this and an after party at Vogue
just up the road from the Superstore. All good.

Im gonna post a mix as a taster to the night. Watch this space dudes.

Thats 2010, this satday at Dalston Superstore from 10-4. See ya there!

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