Monday, 18 August 2008

Harpers Love Bizzare

Since arriving Harper has made a lasting impression on many south east of the river. Her debut was met with open arms, a heavy sigh and a cardboard box. Speeding her way like a cat out of hell she arrived at her new pad safely. Camera flashes and drinks all round. Her favourite tipple of Whiskas Milk, on the rocks was much needed and lapped up. Famed for her coat that shines like a full moon in summer, her trademark stripes and spotted stomach she was unexpecting of the adoration from her contempories that gushed with envy as green as the grass in our backyard. And on settling in, she has enthralled us with stories about her travels and filled us with promise about her hopes for the future, that will 'Set the world alight, like never before'.

Ive not seen her for a few days but i have heard that she's already ordered her catnip and is channeling with the tenacity of a praying mantis. Its a good time for all, knowing that she's even in town. For long she has been aloof. For a while distant and occupied with fighting her Poppy garden demons. But on seeing her i know for certain that she never ever, went out of style.

If there is one track that springs to mind when i think of the legendary Harper. One that conjures up images of crazy nights on the tiles, scampering around in bushes with the moonlight as our mistress, armed only with a couple of spliffs and an attitude has to be her best friend Lady Miss Kiers old band 'Deee Lite'. The track is 'Pussycat Meow Deep Remix'. Miss Kier was so enchanted on first meeting Harper that she wrote this song in her honour. They no longer speak but 'Cest La Vie'. Get your catnip at the ready and take a deep breath. Harpers Back and she's here to play.

We bow to you Harper!

Deee Lite - Pussycat Meow (Deep Remix)

rokk out!

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