Wednesday, 13 August 2008


They keep sayin we gonna have a late summer, that the current downpour is all part of the lead up to glorious sunshine in september but im bored of waiting! The rain has encouraged me to fiddle on my trusty laptop and push out another bootleg though.... Paperclip Peoples (Carl Craig)
track 'Throw' was a firm fav of mine back in 94. The dirty bassline that rolls and rolls gets me everytime and with all things 90s in Vogue i thought id mash it up with the 92' classic DSK 'What would we do' recently sampled on the Wiley track.

So, i doth present 'DSK People - What Would We Throw' (Rokk Pie N Mash Up)

And continuing the 90s theme, get yourself ready for new Rokk venture in the form of a new night for london town, in Shoreditch. It takes off where BUMPPS left off and begins the 2nd Saturday of October. You heard it first here....


until next time
rokk out

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